Sexylook Duo Lifting Brightening Mask


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First time getting sponsered for a review! Getting excited here ^^

Received my masks from!
Do like them in Facebook: SexyLook Singapore for upcoming promotions and beauty advices!

***This is a sponsered product from Sexylook Singapore***
$8.80 for 5pcs/box.
This is like a 2-in-1 mask. Good for face and neck with ear hooks.
Known to be reducing fine lines and wrinkles & brightening.
Main ingredients:
Gem + Tranexamic Acid Peptide-3, Platinum nanoparticles, Hyaluronic Acid, Malachite, Aloe Vera, West Indian Cherry Extract, Vitamin B3

Below picture is myself wearing the brightening sexy mask!
The mask is thick and fits to face shape with ease. The mask hooks ensures my face are sticking closely with the mask and I can literally feel the mask is doing its lifting function. Okay, I do experiencing some tingling sensation on my neck area while wearing the mask. I took off after 20minutes and apply on my arms, elbows, knees and foot because there’s still much essence left! Actually I did the same for all masks. It is becoming a habit.

After using the mask, I kind of feel my face has brightened and moisturised. Slap on my usual skincare routine as usual and the next day my face looks not so dull. Happy with one time usage and I will continue to use it and hope to see more obvious effects as my skin is on the dull side.
Sexylook masks can be found at Watsons stores around Singapore and

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Sexylook Intensive Repairing Mask (Black) Review


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Hi guys!
Got this as a free sample from Sexylook in Facebook.
First time using a black mask. The properties of this mask is mainly for repairing the skin, refine pores & regeneration. The fit is good for me.

I cannot really feel the difference of before and after usage, but after using it my skin did not feel moisturized. Probably because this mask is not targeted to moisturize the skin, my face did feel a tad dry afterwards and I follow up with my beauty regime as usual.

I guess this mask could be used a few more times to achieve its effect of refining pores and reducing excess sebum.

More reviews coming up your way. ❤ nights all!


Vanity Trove Dec12


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Hi all! I have ended my project and examinations! A huge relief for me.. And I subscribed the December VanityTrove and tadah! here we go!

The Gamila Secret Cleansing bar mini – Original i chose for sensitive skin and its non-allergic. ($46 for original size) The mini is probably 1/3 of the original size. Face and body soap.

The Dr GL Collagen Essence 10ml
($198 for 30ml retail size)

Ciracle Blackhead off cotton mask 1piece
(Retail $32.90 for a box)

Philosophy sample products – Microdelivery peel; Face cleanser; Eye Cream; Anti-ageing moisturiser

Belief sample items – Milky moisturizer; Bergamot herbal extract toner; creamy cleansing foam mist(normal or dry skin); Peat miracle revital eye cream; The true cream – aqua bomb; First Aid transforming peel off mask. UJENE – one satchet of collagen serum1000 hour – Waxing strips(4 pieces)Beauty Buffet Masks: Apple & Evening Primose Facial Mask (Repair & Refine) & Caviar & Biopeptide Facial Mask(Smooth & Supple)

Sexylook Duo Lifting Whitening Mask (Rose extracts and collagen essence)

Last but not least, discount vouchers given from Dr. GL & Blackhead Off.Overall for Dec VT, at a price of $25 it is worth it. I have been wanting to try products such as Philosophy since its launch in Singapore at Sephora and also the Belief’s aqua bomb. 9 brands in a box! The bonus for this box is the Gamila Cleansing soap bar which is raved by Yvette, and I got this in addition for sharing it in Facebook! I am so going to try it and let you guys know the results. I have so many products to experiment with now! stay tunes for more reviews! =)

Please help to vote me!


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Dear Readers,

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Appreciate much! Will be doing a giveaway very soon after my exams!
Stay tuned =)

SexyLook Singapore Lucky Draw Campaign


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Good news to all! There is a lucky draw campaign and also a beauty quest going on at SexyLook Singapore Facebook Fan Page.

Step by Step Guide to join Lucky Draw:
1. ‘Like’ SexyLook Singapore Fan Page
2. Click on SEXYLOOK Lucky Draw
3. Simply purchase $40 worth of Sexy Look products and text the following:
SEXYLOOK*Receipt No./Order No.*NRIC*Name*Email*Mailing Address
Contest duration 18th Oct 12 – 13th Dec 12.

Where to purchase SexyLook Masks:
Watsons or Secretive Online Store 
(P.s they have Hello Kitty Masks in there!)

First Prize: 5D4N Trip to Taiwan for 2 worth $3800
Second Prize: 4D3N trip to Phuket Spa-Bulous for 2 worth $2500
Third Prize: 3D2N trip to Malaysia Golden Palm Tree for 2 worth $1500
Consolation Prizes: 5 X Secretive Hamper worth $200

However, if you do not wish to purchase any products at the moment, you can try your luck here by playing the “Beauty Quest” game and be the top scorer to be one of the three lucky winners to win a SexyLook hamper worth $20.

How to check if you are a winner:
You can check out if you are one of the lucky winners through the tab – “Beauty Quest”. Weekly winners will be announced on every Monday. Remember to check if you are the lucky one! And also, you may check how many points you have accumulated via the same link. Good Luck Ladies & Gentlemen!! =)

Nights all. ❤

Anatomicals Giveaway Winner


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I am so happy that I am one of the 5 lucky winners to win a whole range of products with compliments from Anatomicals.

The package is pack in a transparent wrapping paper with some designs. It was really nice to see the products in colorful and vibrant colors and wanting to unwrap it the soonest. (Kindly pardon my messy room)

There is a total of 10products!! It is TEN! I am very surprised that the whole range of products is from body wash to scrubs, lotions and even lip balm! ^^ I am comtemplating which one I should use first!

From left to right: Sud the lot of you – Mango and Papaya, I’ve the thyme of my life – Cypress and Thyme, The Showering Inferno – Hot and Fiery, Java Lather -Coffee Buzz, You need a blooming shower – Rose and Jasmine

I am currently using the Coffee Buzz body cleanser now. I feel and smell coffee when I am bathing. However, after the shower, I tried to smell myself but there isn’t any strong coffee smell. So for anti-coffee peeps, DO NOT WORRY about getting any smells from this cleaner! I am still in the midst of experiencing other products.. will keep you guys updated when I come across another product which is worth mentioning =)

From top to bottom: Not another rough day please – Body Lotion, don’t just clean it woman, scrub it – Body Scrub, Help the paw – Vitamin Rich Hand Cream, Stop cracking up – Lip Balm, Snog me senseless – Lip Balm

Thank you Anatomicals again for the huge giveaway! I was so happy that I told my mum we do not need to purchase body wash for the next one year or so. And we have coffee body cleanser to start with!

Anatomicals is readily available in SASA.
( 8 outlets – Bugis Junction, Vivo City , Tampines One, Novena Square, The Centrepoint , Jurong Point 2, Changi City Point & Wisma ).
All the products @ 10% off.
Promotion is valid from 27th Sept – 31st Oct2012.

Ikeda Spa


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Chanced upon Ikeda Spa Facebook Fanpage here:
For more information, you can visit their website here:
The website is available in both English & Japanese.
Very nice layout and very informative!

They have a range of service for face(facial), beauty(nail, waxing) and body(massage, detox, spa) care. The website is full of information and descriptions are kind of attractive. Making me feel like going there right away! Especially when you had a tiring and hectic day at work, you just feel like going somewhere to relax your mind and body and to be stress-free.

Furthermore, Ikeda Spa won the following awards in such a short period of time!! $_$
“Timeout Best of Award 2011”
“SWW Best in Beauty 2011″
Harpar’s Bazaar Spa Award 2012”
“SWW Best in Beauty 2012”
“Cozycot Women Choice’s Award 2012”

Below please view the pictures that I have “kope” from their FB fanpage. Enjoy the photos =)

The grand entrance ~~~

The retail area
The nail area – Comfortable chairs and TV

The very nice hallway – Welcoming with Japanese door curtains
The VIP couple suite – Pure Japanese Style

The Cypress bath – Look at the bathtub and Japanese style face basin!!!!

Just by seeing these pictures made me feel like I am going to visit Japan! Purpose of writing this post is I hope to be entitled to a complimentary spa or massage with Ikeda Spa! It just feels wonderful and happy to think that I can look forward to a fabulous relaxation session during the weekend.

With <3, the girl next door

Rachel K – Radiance Illuminator Face Mask


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Hi guys,

I just used the mask and here is my review.

This piece of mask is really huge. It contains 30g of essence and of course the packaging is much bigger than the usual mask package. Made in Korea.

The texture of the mask is sticky and flimsy but clear, just like how some of the collagen eye masks look like. There was two sections – one for the upper part of the face and the other the lower part of it.

When I was trying to put on the mask, I have much difficulty to do so. As my fingernails are quite long, I guessed it did pose a ‘danger’ to the mask. My mask was abit torn or should i say there is a small gap. There is good and bad though. The mask fits me well because of the texture, it actually can stick to your face easily with minimum crease and also when the part whereby the mask is too long for my nose area, I used my nails to tear a small part of it so that I can breathe normally while I enjoy my “masking” session.

There is no deep scent on the mask. Everything was light. However, I felt dizzy after about 15mins of using?? I cannot blame it entirely on the mask. Maybe I should give it a try again and see if I have this reaction.

After an hour my face still feels sticky without applying anything now. I am going to just apply my moisturizer and eye cream and see if I see any difference tomorrow morning.

I chanced upon this blog and blogger did a before & after review etc.

I did mine too but unfortunately, I forgot to put in my memory card and the photos cannot be extracted out. Sighs. Never mind. I will be extra careful from now onwards!

Sample was mailed to my house after applying online here.
Rachel K
Like the page :
Apply here:

Nights people! Till then. =)