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If I kana 5million TOTO tonight..

 photo money-7506323_zps65d18471.jpg

I will pay off all my loans!!!!

 photo student-debt-2_zpsdaa0becc.jpg

 photo No-more-loans-300x199_zps82801d56.jpg

and buy myself a Volkswagen Beetle!

 photo 2013-Volkswagen-Beetle-Convertible-UK-5_zps7d24e746.jpg
Buy a Balenciaga Black Bag
 photo balenciaga_city_bag_black__83723_zoom_zpsf88b9180.jpg

Eat Sashimi Everyday!

 photo kevin_cory_live_sashimi_zpsbc6967ae.jpg

Eat Wagyu Beef

 photo images_zps880e4a72.jpg

Have fun and enjoy everyday.

Quit my job.

And that is if I win. ~.~

If I win, I will abandon this blog.

(Just kidding)

If I lose, I will still be blogging.

Back to my Final Year Project.

Will be on hiatus till end of Aug when I officially end my

part time schooling life.