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Dear Readers! I am back!

I am very lucky to be chosen as one of the 30 odd ladies to try out the new whitening line. I went down to Takashimaya outlet to collect my goodie bag.
My skin is more combination to oily so I chose the I. If you skin is dry, normal to combination then you should choose II.

My bag consists of:
1) Whitening Lotion I 30ml RTP$36
2) Whitening Essence 18ml RTP$65
3) Whitening Emulsion I 30ml RTP$36
4) Whitening Mask (6pcs) RTP$65
Total Value of $202 worth of products!

This is how the mask looks like. It is different from the masks I used before. There are even two flaps for covering the eyelids. Not forgetting eyelids need to be whitened too! After using my mask, I still use it to sweep over my arms, legs, body etc. Not wasting a single drop!

A list of ingredients and usage amount taken from the booklet given from FANCL.

FANCL Whitening Essence delivers fresh calendula extracts deep within your skin with Advanced Nano Capsule Technology, activating your skin’s natural power for fairness.

The purpose of the 14 days challenge is to see a BEFORE & AFTER isn’t it? Here you go! Theres two photos are taken after applying the whitening line from FANCL at night before I go to bed. Please note that I did not have any kind of other products on my face during these period and I solely used FANCL products including the Washing Powder from FANCL. I applied the lotion, essence and emulsion dutifully everyday. There is no filter or brightening of photos when I collated it. I did not make it brighter or duller. I stand in the same position in my room while taking these photos.

I feel my skin is smoother and softer after using. I like the part whereby the products are fragrance-free, alcohol-free & preservatives-free. FYI I used 3 drops of lotion, 1 pump of essence and 1-2 drop of emulsion per application. I guess I could use much longer than the said 30 day supply. As long as the products are used within 60 days it should not be a problem.

Disclaimer: I did not get any commission or incentive or any benefits (except for getting complimentary FANCL Whitening Line) in order to write my heartfelt review here.

Lastly, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to FANCL for choosing me!!! Yes! Me! To be one of the lucky girls to try out their new whitening line. A full set of skin care of 30 days supply free of preservatives, clean and portable. =) I would finish up my whitening line products and see which one I would continue with.

In case you want to get it, you may go to their website @ http://www.fancl.com.sg/

FANCL has a 10-day Whitening Trial Kit priced at only $40.
(However it is only suitable for non-oily skin users as I notice the package includes the II formula only)
Mild Cleansing Oil 20ml x 1 Bottle
Facial Washing Powder 13g x 1
Bottle Foaming Ball x 1
Whitening Lotion II 10ml x 1 Bottle
Whitening Emulsion II 10ml x 1 Bottle
Whitening Essence 0.8ml x 10 Packs

I think it is really a good deal for grab! Get a set for your sisters, mothers or even friends as a gift for Labour Day maybe? Or birthdays.. or Mothers’ Day!

Good night! ^^