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This is a sponsered product with love from Cozycot FB or you may visit their official website @ Cozycot.com.

GEEC is the company which prodcues this product ProCellax-DG1.
The ProCellax range of enzyme products are formulated by enzymologists and professors who have experience in enzymes for more than 50years(that is as old as my parent’s age!).

Their motto is: Eat Right, Long Life

I personally think it is an interesting motto or rather tagline.
I love to eat, and being in Singapore, you really cannot resist the sight of good food or news of nice hangout place for dinner/supper etc. I love to eat however I hate to overeat. Overeating will make me feel bloated and I will tend to keep burping and sometimes will cause me gastric pain. Gastric pains will come up not only when I starved myself for too long, overeating will also result in that.

ProCellax® range of enzyme products are all-natural, vegetarian supplements that provide relief and maintain good health. There are no side effects associated with antibiotics and NSAID drugs. They are made from non-genetically modified, natural ingredients tested by GEEC® selected and appointed enzyme industry-leading team of scientists and experts to ensure that you enjoy the highest quality, purity and safety. ProCellax® range of enzyme are certified HALAL by IOWA (Islamic Services of America), U.S.A. Enzymes help boost energy levels, improve digestion and nutrient assimilation, and enhance immune system functions and nutrient absorption


It is advised to consume 1-2 pills before every meal daily (optimally a few mins before you start your feast!) to assist in the digestion of our foods we take in. The digestive enzymes in DG1 is said to reduce symptoms of indigestion such as burping, bloatedness and flatulence.

Peronally I feel that there is no strong smell on the pills and popping one before every meal is not difficult for me as it can be put into a small pill container so you can bring it out easily. =) It curbs my indigestion and I dont feel any excessive burping after consuming.


Retail Price $89.99 @ http://www.genufoodenzymes.com.sg/
Product details can be found here.
Complimentary GEEC membership when you make a purchase of minimum $200. You will be entitles to birthday privileges, discount on regular items, first-to-know product launches and invitation to health talks etc.

There is also a promotion:
20% off first bottle purchased
30% off subsequent purchases.
And FREE delivery to all locations in Singapore!
Great time to purchase before bulging on CNY goodies!

Below is the range of other ProCellax series for your information.
3 categories: Systemic Health, Immunity and Digestion
Different colors for different needs =)

Hope someone out there can benefit from this product.
Remember not to overeat! =p