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How wonderful it is to beautify your own face and at the same time seeing cute little pretty stuff which makes you day?

***This is a sponsered product from Lovemore***
Retailing at $2.90 per piece.
The pink melody: Oil-free whitening 3D mask
The blue melody: Oil-free moisturising 3D mask

The below picture is going to be a scary pic, as what my friends always tell me.
This is the only way to show you the structure of the mask how how it looks like on my face or yours. FYI the mask is the same for both pink and blue ones.

As you can see there is a line in between the mask which is rarely seen for most. This line would leave a mark on my face after applying it for 20 minutes. This mask has a portion for the eyes! I think this is a bonus and you can rest your eyes while enjoying this beauty treat.

My thoughts after using the mask:

The whitening mask(pink) is a good maintainence mask but if the line in the middle can be removed or further improved, it would definitely better. Who doesn’t like the cute packaging before you have your skin treat?

The moisturising mask(blue) which is for moisturising, to me is not too bad. I think the moisturising ingreidients could be more concentrated? Because after using and massaging the remaining essence on my face, it does not feel very hydrated.

There is a saying: Give and take. Nice packaging but the quality may not be tip-top but it is definitely worth your money.

It would be nice for a Christmas gift for your colleagues and friends. Package it with some My Melody soft toy or keychains for hardcore My Melody lovers or mix with other masks and wrap it up with a nice X’mas wrapping paper for your girlfriends!

You can make purchase from Secretive.sg online at My Melody 3D mask or at Watsons store around Singapore.