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Hi guys,

I just used the mask and here is my review.

This piece of mask is really huge. It contains 30g of essence and of course the packaging is much bigger than the usual mask package. Made in Korea.

The texture of the mask is sticky and flimsy but clear, just like how some of the collagen eye masks look like. There was two sections – one for the upper part of the face and the other the lower part of it.

When I was trying to put on the mask, I have much difficulty to do so. As my fingernails are quite long, I guessed it did pose a ‘danger’ to the mask. My mask was abit torn or should i say there is a small gap. There is good and bad though. The mask fits me well because of the texture, it actually can stick to your face easily with minimum crease and also when the part whereby the mask is too long for my nose area, I used my nails to tear a small part of it so that I can breathe normally while I enjoy my “masking” session.

There is no deep scent on the mask. Everything was light. However, I felt dizzy after about 15mins of using?? I cannot blame it entirely on the mask. Maybe I should give it a try again and see if I have this reaction.

After an hour my face still feels sticky without applying anything now. I am going to just apply my moisturizer and eye cream and see if I see any difference tomorrow morning.

I chanced upon this blog and blogger did a before & after review etc.

I did mine too but unfortunately, I forgot to put in my memory card and the photos cannot be extracted out. Sighs. Never mind. I will be extra careful from now onwards!

Sample was mailed to my house after applying online here.
Rachel K
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Nights people! Till then. =)