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Hi guys

Sorry this is quite an outdated post. My visit to Prive Clinic was on 25Aug12.
I won a Privé Phototherapy Session worth SGD$90 from Cosmopolitan Singapore. After a call to the clinic, I was given a basic description of my treatment. It is to even out my skintone with the assistance of a “special” light. When I was there, I was given a form to fill up with a choice of tea or coffee. I chose tea and it was really refreshing.

I was brought to a room for an analysis before the real treatment begins.
They used a machine to take pictures of my frontal, left and right view. The purpose is to point out the areas and how “good” my skin is with points like wrinkles, UV damage, pigmentation. After analysis, I was told that my skin is generally okay but pigmentation is starting to get worse so must remember to apply sunscreen everyday! (self note).

I was guided into a treatment room and asked to change into their tube wrap. The steps of the treatment was told clearly and I was told that the light is very bright so a pair of goggles was provided too.
A nice treatment room to be in and there is a small cupboard for putting our clothes and belongings. The long mirror helps alot too!

A picture of myself before the treatment. I know I looked naked here -.- but I’m wearing the tube wrap okay!I was given a choice to do a mask after the treatment at $15 but due to I have an appointment afterwards, I did not do it. Fortunately, after the treatment my face looks perfectly fine. No redness, no itchness and I feel okay. =)

Personally I do not feel any much difference physically. Maybe the light did help but it will certainly be better if it is on a mid-long term basis. I was offered a package of 6sessions but I politely rejected as I still have many facial sessions with my personal skin centre.

There was not any hard selling at all! I am surprised because I went there for a complimentary treatment and the staffs were all very friendly. I am really impressed with their kind service and make-myself-at-home attitude.

People who are interested, you may make an appointment by calling or email:

Prive Clinic
One Rafles Place, #05-04A
Singapore 048616
TEL: 6535 8684