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How Methylparaben is harmful to our skin or body?

My sister just told me yesterday that the product I have been using for years consists of this harmful ingredient – Methylparaben. I refer to the ingredient list and I realise it did consist of Methylparaben. When reacted with UVB rays, skin will age prematurely. I am shocked because this product is so popular in Japan and in Singapore. I cannot believe I did blindly used this product without checking out the ingredient list. Sighs.

I have read many articles on how parabens are used as a form of preservative in skincare and cosmetics and it is impossible for myself to buy any items without paraben-free. I cannot believe how careless am I. I just read and it might lead to the cause of breast cancer. Although no concrete evidence is stated, I think it is always to be safe than sorry.

Below are some websites I googles and proved what I said.

We ladies, should refrain from using parabens related ingredients. Therefore, before any purchase, do check out the full list of ingredients before buying. Even existing products should be thoroughly checked!

1. Preservative Free
2. Anti- Aging
3. Fragrance Free
4. Colorant Free
5. Allergy Tested
6. Suits All Skin Types
7. Non- Comedogenic (not clogging, wont aggravate acne)
8. No Animal Testing
9. Opthamologist Tested
10. Visible Real Results
(Credits from http://antiaging-cream-review.info/tag/methylparaben/)