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For some who do not know what is ombre hair – the hairstyle for lazy people.
The point in to dye a dark shade at the roots and ends should be a much lighter color. But of cos’ you can do the other way round.

The trend of ombre hair is getting hot and
I decide to do the cheaper way to save money! =)
Below hair dye bought from Guardian @ $19.90 without promotion.
I chose a darker shade (Dark Chocolat), so that for my ends
I can dye a more obvious color. -03Aug12After the dye my hair color looks like this
(was using the iPhone4 front camera so a bit blurry)
Then I went to La Vie @ Orchard Delphi on the Saturday.
Camwhoring before everything starts =)

Heating by this machine is said to shorten the process for hair color to “seep” into the hair. I was like ‘wow’ they have such machine! Been a long long time since I went to a salon to do coloring.The whole process took me for 4hours!
When I thought I just need to have a haircut and dye my ends,
the hair stylist said in order for the color to be obvious and
light I need to bleach and bleaching took about an hour
(because my stubborn hair refuse to change color).
I wanted to get purple for my ends but due to after
bleaching my hair still cannot absorb the color well
I have to opt for red instead.
The red on the sampler was super bright red.
But it turn out to be very light brown.
The cost of cutting, highlight, blow dry and wash costs $79nett.
But due to bleaching I have to pay twice the amount. =/
Since I am there, might as well just do it to get the results desired.

I was rushing to watch the NDP Preview but
nevertheless still manage to get a pic in the lift.
The result of my freshly dyed hair ❤Asked BF to take a pic of my hair @ Marina Floating Platform
after the long day at salon.Wow trying the large image view and what I get is this size! Instagram-med it =)Pic taken in the car on 11Aug12Pic taken indoor on 17Aug12Picture taken on 19Aug12 with sunlight shining on my hair looks much nicer =)Thanks for reading and if you are interested to dye ombre hair, you can try to DIY too! Just google “DIY ombre hair” and you will get thousands of results.

Location of the hair salon in case you are interested:
La Vie Hairdressing Pte Ltd
Delfi Orchard #05-20, 402 Orchard Road, (S)238876
Tel: 6836 5965
P.S the price I paid for is according to a deal I found online. The price should be more expensive if you walk-in. All products used were from L’Oréal Professional.