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This post is a tad late but nevertheless I really enjoyed the fact that I am lucky enough to ballot successfully for 6 tickets for the preview and went to Marina Bay Floating Platform to attend the ceremony. This once-in-a-year event makes Singaporeans bond together and I feel proud being a Singaporean.

Despite tha fact that living in Singapore is indeed not easy due to high costs of living and standards, but we still feel safe when we are on the streets late at night or alone. (Compared to neighbouring countries as there are a number of reports going on relating to thefts, robberies, molest or kidnapping cases.)

Below are some highlights of the event, do enjoy!
Fun but short event. People are leaving and we are happily taking pics of ourselves and our tattoos. Love the event lots! Hope next year I have the chance to experience it again!

With <3,
Winter ^^