If I “tio” 5 million TOTO tonight..


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If I kana 5million TOTO tonight..

 photo money-7506323_zps65d18471.jpg

I will pay off all my loans!!!!

 photo student-debt-2_zpsdaa0becc.jpg

 photo No-more-loans-300x199_zps82801d56.jpg

and buy myself a Volkswagen Beetle!

 photo 2013-Volkswagen-Beetle-Convertible-UK-5_zps7d24e746.jpg
Buy a Balenciaga Black Bag
 photo balenciaga_city_bag_black__83723_zoom_zpsf88b9180.jpg

Eat Sashimi Everyday!

 photo kevin_cory_live_sashimi_zpsbc6967ae.jpg

Eat Wagyu Beef

 photo images_zps880e4a72.jpg

Have fun and enjoy everyday.

Quit my job.

And that is if I win. ~.~

If I win, I will abandon this blog.

(Just kidding)

If I lose, I will still be blogging.

Back to my Final Year Project.

Will be on hiatus till end of Aug when I officially end my

part time schooling life.



Texas Chicken Menu


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Went to Great World City last Sunday and decided to have a bite before catching Wolverines. Spotted Texas Chicken with a new menu item and also a whole new experience of video advertisement!

Texas Chicken Video Menu

I was rather amazed that I cant help but took an instavideo. It is a new and creative idea. I believe it is one of the first among other fast food restaurants to do this.

I like texas chicken but prefer their new item – El Paso!  It’s like bbq/grilled drumstick with thigh,biscuit amd a drink set. For those who dislike drumstick(my favourite!), you can choose wing and breast meat.


Lovemore Kiwi Acnes All Out Set Promotion


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Dear Readers

There is a SPECIAL promotion going on now.

LUCKY 7!! Lovemore wants you to welcome July with great skin!

Lovemore Kiwi Acnes All Out Set now only at S$10.90 (U.P S$ 24.90, save $17.90!). Works for both men and women!! Simply key in  “lucky7” during check-out. Hurry! Promotions for first 200 orders only, from now till 5 July midnight.

Hurry and Get yours now! Click here: http://goo.gl/nJZAw.

Happy masking and stay pretty! ❤

Enter JadeIsabelle Liang Giveaway!


Sorry for the long hiatus.. Really have been busy juggling with studies and work and my beauty sleep =.=

I need more time…and time and still time.

I have been trying out different products and hope to share my views with you guys real soon!

I have a piece of news to share now. JadeIsabelle Liang is having a blog turned 3 giveaway!

Benefits eyeshadown set for giveaway! There are 3 to be won =)))

Most Glamorous Nudes Ever

Easiest Nudes Ever

Sexiest Nudes Ever

Join the GIVEAWAY here!

Remember to email the screenshots and what you have done to jade[at]jadeisabelle[dot]com to confirm you entries! Deadline – 12pm, 17 July 2013


  • Giveaway is open to international participants.
  • Prizes will be sent to winners via registered post.
  • Winners will be announced on the Blog in the week commencing Monday, 22 July 2013.

Fancl Whitening Line Review


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Dear Readers! I am back!

I am very lucky to be chosen as one of the 30 odd ladies to try out the new whitening line. I went down to Takashimaya outlet to collect my goodie bag.
My skin is more combination to oily so I chose the I. If you skin is dry, normal to combination then you should choose II.

My bag consists of:
1) Whitening Lotion I 30ml RTP$36
2) Whitening Essence 18ml RTP$65
3) Whitening Emulsion I 30ml RTP$36
4) Whitening Mask (6pcs) RTP$65
Total Value of $202 worth of products!

This is how the mask looks like. It is different from the masks I used before. There are even two flaps for covering the eyelids. Not forgetting eyelids need to be whitened too! After using my mask, I still use it to sweep over my arms, legs, body etc. Not wasting a single drop!

A list of ingredients and usage amount taken from the booklet given from FANCL.

FANCL Whitening Essence delivers fresh calendula extracts deep within your skin with Advanced Nano Capsule Technology, activating your skin’s natural power for fairness.

The purpose of the 14 days challenge is to see a BEFORE & AFTER isn’t it? Here you go! Theres two photos are taken after applying the whitening line from FANCL at night before I go to bed. Please note that I did not have any kind of other products on my face during these period and I solely used FANCL products including the Washing Powder from FANCL. I applied the lotion, essence and emulsion dutifully everyday. There is no filter or brightening of photos when I collated it. I did not make it brighter or duller. I stand in the same position in my room while taking these photos.

I feel my skin is smoother and softer after using. I like the part whereby the products are fragrance-free, alcohol-free & preservatives-free. FYI I used 3 drops of lotion, 1 pump of essence and 1-2 drop of emulsion per application. I guess I could use much longer than the said 30 day supply. As long as the products are used within 60 days it should not be a problem.

Disclaimer: I did not get any commission or incentive or any benefits (except for getting complimentary FANCL Whitening Line) in order to write my heartfelt review here.

Lastly, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to FANCL for choosing me!!! Yes! Me! To be one of the lucky girls to try out their new whitening line. A full set of skin care of 30 days supply free of preservatives, clean and portable. =) I would finish up my whitening line products and see which one I would continue with.

In case you want to get it, you may go to their website @ http://www.fancl.com.sg/

FANCL has a 10-day Whitening Trial Kit priced at only $40.
(However it is only suitable for non-oily skin users as I notice the package includes the II formula only)
Mild Cleansing Oil 20ml x 1 Bottle
Facial Washing Powder 13g x 1
Bottle Foaming Ball x 1
Whitening Lotion II 10ml x 1 Bottle
Whitening Emulsion II 10ml x 1 Bottle
Whitening Essence 0.8ml x 10 Packs

I think it is really a good deal for grab! Get a set for your sisters, mothers or even friends as a gift for Labour Day maybe? Or birthdays.. or Mothers’ Day!

Good night! ^^


Dear Readers

Sorry for the long hiatus..being busy with work and school. I will be more active here after my examinations in April! And I will be blogging about a well-known Japanese brand skincare =)

Today I shall post a short post about INSINC.
Have you all heard of INSINC? It is a new website to encourage communters to take the train during non-peak and off-peak period. In order to rewards those who do so, one can gain points and maintain their status(Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum). At the same time, you can invite your family and friends to join this program and you will gain referral points as well. Gaining points make you have a chance to do lucky spins in the “Spin to Win”.

you can go to for more detailed information as to how to gain the respective points while travelling.

“Spin to Win” is simply a snake and ladder game. It can be played by clicking for every move you want to make or you can select the 5spins so that you won’t need to keep clicking the mouse to move your piece. You can even select the use all your points option so that you can work on other stuff and let the game do its job automatically.

The rewards in the “Spin to Win” can be in the form of points or monetary value. There are 50points, 100points, 500points, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50.

I am lucky that I spinned and got the $50 after I signed up and it is still counting. You can spin as many times as you like as long as there are points in your account. Refer friends to get more points!

FYI I changed the payment mode to credit into my bank account after exploring the website. You have an option to top-up the monetary value you won in the “Spin to Win” or credit to your bank. Remember to do so before the payment is processed!

My referral code is as below:

Here are the pictures of Board 1 – 4:

Board 1

Board 2

Board 3

Board 4

Happy spinning and money counting!

Have a blast week ahead ❤

ProCellax-DG1 Review


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This is a sponsered product with love from Cozycot FB or you may visit their official website @ Cozycot.com.

GEEC is the company which prodcues this product ProCellax-DG1.
The ProCellax range of enzyme products are formulated by enzymologists and professors who have experience in enzymes for more than 50years(that is as old as my parent’s age!).

Their motto is: Eat Right, Long Life

I personally think it is an interesting motto or rather tagline.
I love to eat, and being in Singapore, you really cannot resist the sight of good food or news of nice hangout place for dinner/supper etc. I love to eat however I hate to overeat. Overeating will make me feel bloated and I will tend to keep burping and sometimes will cause me gastric pain. Gastric pains will come up not only when I starved myself for too long, overeating will also result in that.

ProCellax® range of enzyme products are all-natural, vegetarian supplements that provide relief and maintain good health. There are no side effects associated with antibiotics and NSAID drugs. They are made from non-genetically modified, natural ingredients tested by GEEC® selected and appointed enzyme industry-leading team of scientists and experts to ensure that you enjoy the highest quality, purity and safety. ProCellax® range of enzyme are certified HALAL by IOWA (Islamic Services of America), U.S.A. Enzymes help boost energy levels, improve digestion and nutrient assimilation, and enhance immune system functions and nutrient absorption


It is advised to consume 1-2 pills before every meal daily (optimally a few mins before you start your feast!) to assist in the digestion of our foods we take in. The digestive enzymes in DG1 is said to reduce symptoms of indigestion such as burping, bloatedness and flatulence.

Peronally I feel that there is no strong smell on the pills and popping one before every meal is not difficult for me as it can be put into a small pill container so you can bring it out easily. =) It curbs my indigestion and I dont feel any excessive burping after consuming.


Retail Price $89.99 @ http://www.genufoodenzymes.com.sg/
Product details can be found here.
Complimentary GEEC membership when you make a purchase of minimum $200. You will be entitles to birthday privileges, discount on regular items, first-to-know product launches and invitation to health talks etc.

There is also a promotion:
20% off first bottle purchased
30% off subsequent purchases.
And FREE delivery to all locations in Singapore!
Great time to purchase before bulging on CNY goodies!

Below is the range of other ProCellax series for your information.
3 categories: Systemic Health, Immunity and Digestion
Different colors for different needs =)

Hope someone out there can benefit from this product.
Remember not to overeat! =p

But Becky Mask (Pure & Whitening Job’s Tears) Review


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Hi all

Its masking time again!

This time round I was given a box of But Becky (Pure & Whitening Job’s Tears) Masks (8pcs/box).

Consists of pearl barley essence and it brightens dark spots and even out skin tone. Has double hooks to firm up the chin area and neck. Material is thick and after using for 15 minutes, there is still plenty of essence and I would usually spread it out on my face and neck then apply my usual skincare products.
The mask, which is still soaked with essence, I would use it to apply on my hands and legs to reduce wastage! ^^

This is a new brand under the umbrella of Secretive.

Click on But Becky Facebook Fan Page to check out! There are 4 different kinds of masks available in Singapore. Available in Watsons.

Kawaii packaging *-*

Ingredient List:

Close-up of me using But Becky (Pure & Whitening Job’s Tears) Mask!
Goodnight! =)

Hope you guys will try out this mask cos’ I feel its not bad!

I will continue to use the remaining 7pcs and hope to see results! =)

First Saturday of 2013


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I am heading to Della’s (Ding Dang) Concert tonight!

It will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

You can still purchase the tickets here if you are interested and have no programmes going on tonight.

I am listening to her songs to prepare myself to her concert later!

The below are some Youtube MTV for your enjoyment. =)

This is a popular theme song from the 下一站,幸福 (Autumn’s Concerto) starring Vanness Wu, Ady An, Tiffany Hsu & Chris Wu. It is a drama which makes me tears non-stop and a must watch drama if you are a taiwan drama lover or a fan of the actors and actresses. You will never regret watching this show. It is all about love, hate, decisions and complications.



Okay enough of my Ding Dang excitement!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! ^^

Lovemore – My Melody 3D Masks (Blue & Pink)


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How wonderful it is to beautify your own face and at the same time seeing cute little pretty stuff which makes you day?

***This is a sponsered product from Lovemore***
Retailing at $2.90 per piece.
The pink melody: Oil-free whitening 3D mask
The blue melody: Oil-free moisturising 3D mask

The below picture is going to be a scary pic, as what my friends always tell me.
This is the only way to show you the structure of the mask how how it looks like on my face or yours. FYI the mask is the same for both pink and blue ones.

As you can see there is a line in between the mask which is rarely seen for most. This line would leave a mark on my face after applying it for 20 minutes. This mask has a portion for the eyes! I think this is a bonus and you can rest your eyes while enjoying this beauty treat.

My thoughts after using the mask:

The whitening mask(pink) is a good maintainence mask but if the line in the middle can be removed or further improved, it would definitely better. Who doesn’t like the cute packaging before you have your skin treat?

The moisturising mask(blue) which is for moisturising, to me is not too bad. I think the moisturising ingreidients could be more concentrated? Because after using and massaging the remaining essence on my face, it does not feel very hydrated.

There is a saying: Give and take. Nice packaging but the quality may not be tip-top but it is definitely worth your money.

It would be nice for a Christmas gift for your colleagues and friends. Package it with some My Melody soft toy or keychains for hardcore My Melody lovers or mix with other masks and wrap it up with a nice X’mas wrapping paper for your girlfriends!

You can make purchase from Secretive.sg online at My Melody 3D mask or at Watsons store around Singapore.